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CED Reactive Scenario Targets


Ultimat Defence Ltd have worked with the British Police for over 20 years designing, manufacturing, and supplying numerous products for both training purposes and front line duty.

Since the introduction of CED into the UK, Ultimat have worked with various Police Forces in order to design and manufacture a life size, high quality targeting system which improves and aids the training of officers on the use of CED in many scenarios. Ultimat manufacture a wide range of CED reactive scenario targets, as shown below. They can also be used with marker rounds.

The targets are constructed of multiple layers of carefully selected materials which combined give a high quality finish and strength to enable multiple shots on the target during use with minimal damage. One key feature of the targets is that they actually react with a live CED to complete the circuit and the officer can see and hear the electric current in use without having to fire the CED at a live target, which reduces the risk of injury to other officers during training. Each target is manufactured to realistic life size dimensions which can be attached to Ultimat’s Target Board System easily.

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