Ultimat select the latest and best technical solutions available in the world to give the users maximum comfort and safety.

C.P.E. optimise the construction depending on the threat, the mission and the clients special requirements.
There are two standard lines for ballistic:

  • Diamond
  • Black Diamond

The above ballistic lines can be combined with stab and spike protection solutions.

Diamond Line: This is the solution for those who need a high level of protection according to different ballistic standards, or other special demands eg. low weight, a flexible and thin construction and high level of safety. This saves 30-35% in weight compared with Aramid solutions.

Black Diamond: The top of the range within ballistic developments provides the users with the highest safety, the best v50 values and the most flexible solutions in the market, by using a combination of Force Multiplier and 3D Matrix technology.

With C.P.E. technology you have:

  • Best stopping power available
  • Highest V50 Multi-hit capacity
  • 10-15% additional protection coverage
  • Stops needle penetration 100% of the time
  • Low blunt trauma

C.P.E. products meet various worldwide standards and have certification for a range of protection levels such as:

  • NIJ, various standards and levels for soft ballistic
  • NIJ levels for hard ballistic
  • VPAM BSW levels for soft ballistic
  • VPAM BSW levels for hard ballistic
  • VPAM BSW levels for blade
  • HOSDB 2007 stab and spike
  • Special national standards

Ballistic, Stab and Spike Protection

  • If not in stock, this product manufacture lead time is approximately 5 to 6 weeks.

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