The ACH models are now the most used helmet by military and security forces around the world. It combines a wide area of coverage with weight.

Two different options for ballistic materials:

• Standard weight (SW) Twaron

• Light weight (LW) PE 

C.P.E.® has chosen two suspension systems for the MICH-ACH-SC model: 
1) SAF – 4 point system Our standard
2) DIAL system On request

Weights with 9mm IIIA protection without Rails but with the SAF-4 suspension system;
Standard weight:
Size M – 1,4kg
Size L – 1,5kg
Light weight: Size M – 1,3kg
Size L – 1,4kg

SAF-4 system is used by several top elite units and by many standard forces. The biggest advantage compared to a cheap suspension system is the neck padding which makes the helmet very stable and comfortable to use. DIAL system has a screw that allows the user to adjust and get a perfect fit with one hand. It has the same neck inner padding as SAF-4.




C.P.E.® has a range of high quality helmets, which fit into our range of products for police, military and security forces. Weight and comfort are crucial when using the helmets for long hours while keeping concentration. You cannot accept a low quality ballistic construction, both 9mm IIIA and full level IIIA (include 44Mag) are available. The helmets can be delivered with or without rails. A boltless model is also available.


  • If not in stock, this product manufacture lead time is approximately 5 to 6 weeks.

All prices are exclusive of VAT


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