The SWAT vest from C.P.E.® is specially designed for units who require the capacity and flexibility to use a variety of options to suit the circumstances, the threat and the mission. This vest can be adapted to accommodate a variety of equipment and comes with the standard MOLLE system for attaching magazines, grenades, radios etc.


Our unique and distinctive system of insert plates allows changes and variations to be made whilst wearing the vest. The modular concept of the Tac SWAT vest allows the wearer to choose and adapt the body areas covered and protected to suit the situation. The Tac SWAT does not incorporate a Quick Release (QR) system but remains easy to remove in the event of injury and has C.P.E.®’s MV-liner fitted as standard.

• Basic vest
• Upper arms
• Shoulder and Neck
• Throat
• Groin Protection
• Carry bag



Tactical SWAT

  • If not in stock, this product manufacture lead time is approximately 5 to 6 weeks.

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