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Each Taser board is 2m x 1m x 50mm and has been designed to be used with all UK Law enforcement genuine Taser weapons and supports ACPO approved qualification targets, as well as the full range of Ultimat scenario Taser targets, all of which via the special multi-layer construction give full data feedback direct to the Taser weapon. Specially designed and manufactured by Ultimat for use with Taser, each Taser board is lightweight, sturdy, and durable, they accept both live and training probes and minimise bounce out even at quite oblique angles. Targets are attached by way of a specially integrated hanging system that allows repositioning of targets around the system within seconds, each individual board is double sided allowing targets to be fixed to both sides. The individual boards link together along the edge, allowing extremely quick installation, this unique Taser training system can be quickly fixed or placed against walls to make effective ‘Taser lanes’ for qualification shots and multiple discharge training, but they can also be linked together to make really effective life size three dimensional rooms,  corridors and interactive Taser areas, where officers have to negotiate manoeuvring around the system and make instant judgment calls based upon the type of target encountered. Taser board layouts can be set up by a single trainer and adapted from one layout to a completely new layout in seconds! In effect each officer or team could encounter a different scenario layout to the person or team before them, keeping training fresh, exciting and thought provoking. Taser boards can be used in conjunction with our Black Wall system and modular dojo furniture systems.

Each set consists of four double sided Taser boards and a carry bag. Each board is 2m x 1m x 50mm and the full set inside its bag is approx. 205cm x 105cm x 21cm.

Taser Boards

  • If not in stock, this product manufacture lead time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Risk assessments should be conducted by the trainer to identify the level of training/instruction conducted is appropriate, and that any piece of equipment that is used for that training is suitable and all safe guards are in place.

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