These 9" deep safety mattresses are designed to link together using the same Velcro interlink system as the light weight interlink mats. With several interlinked safety mattresses you can have individual mattresses or join 2,3 or more together to create larger landing areas without them seperating. These Velcro interlinked mattresses also allow for easier storage and movement of the mattresses between use.   

Constructed from superior combustion modified low density soft foam, they are encased within a heavy duty PVC zipped cover with pressure release vents.  

Dimensions: 2m x 1m x 9" and 1m x 1m x 9".
Colours: Blue, black and red.


We can also supply safety matresses to any custom size that you may require. Please contact us for further information and a no obligation quotation.



Velcro Interlinked Safety Mattress

  • If not in stock, this product manufacture lead time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Risk assessments should be conducted by the trainer to identify the level of training/instruction conducted is appropriate, and that any piece of equipment that is used for that training is suitable and all safe guards are in place.

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