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From training to reality

UK's leading manufacturer of Police Training Equipment, Dojo Training Room Environment Solutions and Police Frontline Protection Equipment.

two men fighting in the centre of the High Gear Logo


black combat protection suit, in a training room

Tony Blauer

Working together to bring High Gear Tactical Training Equipment to Europe.

Emergency services correspondent, helping dummy on a concrete floor.

Ruth Lee

Ultimat Defence have teamed up with Ruth Lee in order to offer training manikins to the police and prison services. Add even more realism to your training scenario with a greater range of products from the market leaders in training.

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Our wide range of personal combat protection, replica weapons, training batons, strike pads, training dummies and floor mats allow you to train safely in controlled situations.

Police Training Equipment

We serve over 100
Police Forces

We have worked with the British Police for over 35 years designing, manufacturing and supplying numerous products for training purposes and frontline duty.

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