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British Manufacturing Expertise for Businesses

While specializing in defence products for government agencies, we also offer manufacturing services to businesses. We champion British manufacturing, helping existing or new start-ups produce high-quality products made in Britain.

We thrive on collaborating with individuals who share our passion for empowering businesses and customers to make a positive impact within their local communities.

To support this mission, we offer the following services:

Bespoke Product Design Consultation

If you have a product idea but are unsure about the production process, we offer an initial design consultation. During this meeting, we'll discuss your proposed design in detail and find a viable solution.


We'll explore various factors, such as:

  • The functionality of the product

  • Materials Required

  • Batch quantity and target price point

  • Branding

  • Expected lifespan of the product

  • British or European Standard Testing Requirements

Sewn Product Solutions

We have an array of specialist industrial equipment and dedicated highly skilled employees to ensure you receive the best products possible, we only use top quality ethically sourced materials from trusted suppliers.

Image by tata toto
  • Heavy Duty PVC, Clear PVC, Cotton, PU Coated polyester and Nylon Materials

  • Webbing and Shock Cord

  • Mesh and Spacer Fabrics

  • Zip and Hook & Loop Fasteners

  • Plastic and Metal fittings

  • Binding

Material available include:

Bonding and Lamination

Creating the perfect product for your needs may involve developing a blend of materials and we can aid this process giving you a USP and advantage over your competitors, depending on the intended use for your product selecting the correct method of layering materials is extremely important there are two main choices, Mechanical fixing (using a physical fixing such as stitching) or Chemical fixing (such as using adhesive)

Services we offer include:

Image by Refat Ul Islam
  • Glued bonding using Adhesives

  • Foam Heat Lamination

  • Technical Fabric Heat Lamination

  • Stitching 

Foam Conversion

We provide an in-house fast turnaround foam cutting service, including replacement foams for our products to extend their lifespan and offer better value. We specialize in converting Polyurethane (PU) and Expanded Polyethylene Foams, supplying the appropriate grade based on your requirements for end-use, density, and dimensions, in sheet or roll form.

  • Furniture cushions (interior and exterior grade)

  • Acoustic Foams

  • Packaging

  • Automotive grade self-adhesive foams

  • Flooring and matting Underlay

  • Landing pit foam blocks

  • Insulation

  • Sports Matting

Some of the applications we provide for include:


At Ultimat, we offer in-house CAD (Computer-Aided Design) services for 2D and 3D projects. Our 3D CAD capabilities allow you to visualize products, make design improvements, and create patterns or production molds, reducing overall design costs. Additionally, our CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) services include rapid prototyping for small to medium batches of plastic and rubber products using 3D printing technology

Image by Kumpan Electric
  • Logo artwork creation

  • 3D Product Design

  • 3D Printing

  • Vacuum Forming

  • Mould Making

  • Rubber and Foam Casting

  • 2D Template and Pattern Making

Processes used include:


We have invested in in-house machinery to customise our own and customer products & packaging. Believing first impressions are crucial, we employ various production methods to achieve maximum visual impact.

Image by Bank Phrom
  • Heat Transfer (Used for Single and full colour product branding)

  • Eco-Solvent DTG Printing (Direct to Garment)

  • Thermal Label printing (For Garment and Product Care Labels)

  • Self-adhesive films (Both temporary and permanent)

  • Window Frosting and Flooring Signage

  • Flexible Banner Printing

  • Plastic Signage (Vinyl cut lettering)

  • Swing Tag’s

To achieve customisation, we utilise processes to create products such as:

Equipment we utilise

  • Autodesk CAD software

  • CorelDraw and Photoshop Graphic Design software

  • Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machines

  • Synchronised Binding Machines

  • Programmable Stich Machines

  • Hot and Cold Narrow Fabric Cutting Machines

  • Laying up and Pattern Printing Machinery

  • Band Knife and Straight Knife Cutting

  • 20 Tonne Press Cutting equipment

  • Vacuum forming Machine

  • Heat Transfer Machine

  • Label Printing Machine

  • 3D Printing Machinery

  • Adhesive Spray Machinery and Booth

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