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Leading Scenario-Based Training

The Original Black Wall System™ was designed by Alan Carlisle, our Founding Managing Director, after two decades of supplying training equipment to British Police and Prison Service. It is the market leading product for “Scenario based confined space training” encouraging officers to develop their spacial awareness and readiness to protect and serve in a safe training environment.

The Black Wall System ™ is a unique modular product that offers invaluable solutions to many historical officer safety training issues now giving you total control of the layout of your training facility by allowing you to build a multitude of various building, vehicle, and environment layouts.


Facility layouts can be adapted or changed quickly and easily repeatedly, ensuring your training never becomes stale or predictable and all this can be achieved at almost any training location due to the Black Wall Systems durability and manoeuvrability.

With the addition of the Black Wall Target Hangar`s Firearms departments are able to integrate Scenario and Qualification Targets for non-lethal weapons training for both CED training and Marker Rounds, the marker rounds can simply wipes off afterwards leaving no long term damage.

With the use of Barricade Lintels and Battle Blocks, obstacles can be constructed allowing students to train for situations that may occur once in the field. The Half walls are also load bearing and can be used to create windows that can be climbed through, or simply used as an observation window allowing instructors to oversee training without causing any extra physical obstruction or interference during a student’s training.

Realistic Safe Furniture

Ultimat’s scenario safe furniture is 100% compatible with the Black Wall System™ and rooms can be populated to create even more realism within the setup you have constructed. Using the furniture alongside the Black Wall System™ provides a totally safe environment and at the same time allows the student to react and interact within their surroundings, such as offices, bedrooms, kitchens, cells, living rooms etc.

What are the Black Wall System™ key components used to build layouts

The Black Wall System™ is a modular system that has been designed to be extremely cost effective for scenario based confined space training, you can purchase as little as one single item at a time to add to your current inventory but there are some key components that will rapidly change the way you change and we think they are invaluable to your training facility;

  • Full Wall- Full 2m Height to create room and corridor walls

  • Half Wall- Load bearing 1m high wall to create window openings and fence lines

  • Pillar- Full 2m Height to create 90 degree returns in your wall system

  • System Links-  Hook and Loop links attach to the top of the walls and pillars increasing strength on all uneven floor surfaces

  • Lintels- Used to create doorways and attach clear PVC window panels to the window openings

  • Doors- Can be place to open either left or right handed, and unidirectional using the black wall door stopper

  • Lifting Strap- Purchased in pairs the lifting straps help two people lift and move walls easily

Key features and benefits include:

There are also many other Black Wall System™ and Scenario Training Furniture components available to accessorise and enhance your Black Wall System™  set ups.

How does the Black Wall System™ work and its key construction features

The Black Wall System™ is a robust, user-friendly product made from technical fabrics and foams. Meticulously designed as a modular system, it allows users to quickly add or remove components during training exercises. The Hook and Loop tape system enhances structure strength with each added component. Its simplicity enables students to build and dismantle layouts efficiently. 

  • Made in Britain

  • Heavy Duty PVC outer covering

  • Manufactured to EN71-2:2020 Flammability standards

  • Hygienic, easy cleanable water resistant outer cover

  • Lightweight, water resistant foam core

  • Hook and Loop fastening System

  • Can be used both indoors or outdoors

  • Reinforced double stitched construction

  • CAD (computer aided design) software available to design layouts

Key features and benefits include:

How cost effective is the
Black Wall System™

Rising training costs make efficient use of equipment essential. Many forces must deliver various training skills (OST, Non-Lethal, MOE, Specialist) in existing venues, often requiring compromises and external venue hires.

The Black Wall System™ optimizes existing venues, saving money on premises, travel, and time by allowing instant adaptation of training spaces. Its modular, cost-effective design means you can expand easily, adding pieces as needed.

Additionally, departments can generate income by loaning their facilities. Made in Britain, the Black Wall System™ has been used by various agencies for over 10 years without a single failure, showcasing Ultimat Defence Ltd.'s quality.

What was the training solution before the Black Wall System™?

Previously, training environments required expensive, fixed wooden or steel structures. Each scenario needed a custom-built space, consuming significant time and space and lacking adaptability. Students quickly became familiar with the layouts, reducing training effectiveness. Often, only basic setups with loose mats and worn-out equipment were provided, limiting the variety of training scenarios. This compromised the quality of training, as students couldn't experience diverse room types essential for thorough preparation.

Scenario Training Furniture

Ultimat's "Scenario Training Furniture" was designed to enhance spatial awareness and ensure safety during training. It has become essential for British Police Forces and Prison Services, and is now used globally by law enforcement, healthcare, and military professionals. This furniture allows for quick setup of realistic training environments, providing dynamic hands-on experience while minimizing risk.

Compatible with the Black Wall System™, it creates safe, interactive spaces like offices, bedrooms, and kitchens. The ease of altering environments prevents students from becoming complacent with predictable training scenarios.

What environments can Scenario Training Furniture create?

Populating training environments boosts students' spatial awareness and readiness for real-world application. Ultimat's “Scenario Training Furniture” supports the latest tactical training strategies safely

  • Residential and Hotel Properties

  • Office and Public Building Layouts

  • Airport Lounges, Security and Customs Clearance Zones

  • Vehicle Layouts including Bus, Train, Tram Carriages and Aeroplanes

  • Outdoor areas such as Parks, streets and alley ways

  • Custody Suite and Custody Cell set ups

  • Medical centre and Hospital waiting rooms

  • Shower Blocks and Changing Rooms

  • Pubs, Bars and Clubs

Here are some environments that benefit:

Our most popular components

What was the solution before Ultimat's Scenario Training Furniture?

Recognizing the need for realism, senior officers and instructors populated training rooms with surplus wooden, plastic, or metal furniture, resulting in many injuries. To reduce this risk, Ultimat Defence Ltd. collaborated with PSC Newbold to design, test, and manufacture safer prototypes. This initiative has significantly reduced injuries among thousands of officers.

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