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Over 30 years of innovation

 As the diverse number of government agencies serviced by Ultimat defence has grown, many ground-breaking training support systems have been pioneered. 

The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Alan Carlisle: Founder of Ultimat Defence

In 1988, Alan Carlisle laid the foundation for what would become Ultimat Defence, initially establishing the business as A&A Judo. What began as a passionate endeavor to share the art of judo soon evolved into a comprehensive defence and training enterprise, serving the unique needs of law enforcement and security professionals.

From the outset, Alan recognized the value of martial arts techniques in law enforcement scenarios. He began by adapting specific judo moves for practical application in the field, marking the beginning of a journey that would redefine defensive training.

As the demand for specialized law enforcement training grew, so did Alan's vision. He expanded the company's offerings, developing innovative tools like advanced strike pads and eventually creating full-scale training environments. This evolution reflected Alan's commitment to providing realistic, effective training solutions for those who protect and serve.

At the heart of Ultimat Defence is a strong family ethos. Alan built the business with the support of his family, and today, it remains a true family enterprise. This family-centric approach extends beyond blood relations to encompass the entire Ultimat Defence team, fostering a culture of trust, loyalty, and shared purpose that resonates with clients and partners alike.

Today, Ultimat Defence stands as a testament to Alan's dedication, foresight, and family values. The company continues to honor its roots in martial arts while pushing the boundaries of modern defence training techniques and technologies.

Under Alan's leadership, and with the strength of family at its core, Ultimat Defence has become a trusted name in law enforcement training, embodying the perfect blend of traditional discipline, cutting-edge innovation, and familial dedication.


For more than 30 years the team behind Ultimat Defence limited have developed their unique hands on approach to meet and exceed the needs of their customers. As the diverse number of government agencies serviced by Ultimat defence has grown, many ground-breaking training support systems have been pioneered. These Include PPE solutions, scenario training aids, and front-line essentials to many organisations, including NHS, MOD, Police, Prisons and private sector developers.


With more than 30 years producing training equipment, we have embedded this experience into the design, manufacture and supply of frontline equipment for officers. Our full range of HOSDB/CAST certified limb protectors have been established in the market for many years, with Ultimat having won a number of extended contracts with police forces throughout the UK. We are also a provider of riot protection equipment, slash and cut protection and method of entry equipment, which enable our Ultimat philosophy of ‘From Training to Reality’ to come to fruition.

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