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This pad has been designed with more emphasis on protecting vulnerable people in custody suites, prisons and mental health facilities. The Custody Shield Pad offers the protection needed for officers or healthcare workers, whilst providing an alternative to a traditional riot shield being used on detainees or patients, which has often been the only option available. The new Custody Shield Pad can also be used in more realistic training exercises due to the new features as described below.
This new pad comes with a number of original and distinct features that differ from our range of Cell Entry Pads. First and foremost, the Custody Shield Pad comes with a vision panel set into the top section of the pad, allowing for the pad to be held in front of the user and still allowing for the user to see what potential risk is in front of them. The vision panel is just a small section of the 4mm Lexan panel that runs throughout the pad with the exception of just 25mm from all edges, allowing for the pad to take heavy blunt impacts without causing serious injury to both the user and detainee/patient.

The pad also comes with a new handle system that can be used by both left and right handed people and also replicates both the flat and loop handle systems offered on our original Cell Entry Pads, making it one pad fits all. The Custody Shield Pad has been manufactured to approximately the same dimensions and weight as a standard British 4ft riot shield, with the thickness of the shield greatly reduced from the original Cell Entry Pads, allowing for the pad to be used in the same familiar way as a standard riot shield.

Dimensions: 120cm x 60cm x 5.5/12cm.
Viewing panel: 18cm x 13.5cm. Weight: 6.2kg.




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Custody Shield Pad

SKU: CSP12060
  • Risk assessments should be conducted by the trainer to identify the level of training/instruction conducted is appropriate, and that any piece of equipment that is used for that training is suitable and all safe guards are in place.