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In response to the current Covid-19 outbreak Ultimat Defence has responded to requests by a number of Prisons and NHS Trusts to help in the production of PPE equipment and has produced a fully CE marked Face Visor.

The main request received has been for face visors to help protect against deliberate or accidental coughing, sneezing and spitting whilst carrying out essential duties. With this knowledge Ultimat has switched a large portion of its production to the design and manufacture of a face visor to meet these needs.

This face visor consists of a polypropylene visor with an elasticated strap that fastens around the head and secured in position using an adjustable fastener. The visor is held off the face using a foam spacer that also helps prevent any liquid or spit that may land above the visor from running down the face and into the eyes.

The visor has been manufactured in response to the emergency request for PPE and so is not medically certified. The use of the face visor will need to be risk accessed by an appropriate person.


Chemical Resistance Guide
Acetone    Very good
Acid (Weak)    Excellent
Acid (Strong)    Very good
Alcohol    Very good
Anti-freeze    Excellent
Base (Weak)    Excellent
Base (Strong)    Good
Battery Acid    Very good
Beer    Excellent
Brake Fluid    Very good
Coffee    Excellent
Detergent    Excellent
Diesel    Good
Foodstuffs    Excellent
Lubricating Oil    Good
Petrol    Good

Dimensions: 40cm x 20cm x 26mm. Weight approx.: 52g.




Click to view our Emergency Response Face Visor A4 flyer.


Click to view our Emergency Response Face Visor data sheet.

Emergency Response Face Visor