The Ultimat G3 Pro Head Guard has been designed to provide the best level of protection for all training scenarios; whilst still allowing for the most practical solution for a head guard. Special care has been taken to ensure that the fabric’s, padding and re-enforcement sections will give comfort, hygiene and usability without compromising strength, safety and durability.


The G3 Pro Head Guard itself is constructed from more than seventy six individual parts especially designed to come together to make one quality finished item. The vast majority of these parts will never be seen but are instrumental to the design, a design that is available in three fittings small/medium, medium/large and large/extra-large. Even within those sizing bands you will find adaptability to accommodate head sizes to ensure a good and comfortable fit, by way of four adjustment anchors on the top of the head and a further simple to use four piece comfort adjustment at the back of the head guard.


The face visor is made from over ten metres of heavy gauge steel wire which is cut into predetermined lengths and is then fashioned over a bespoke jig. It is formed with over two hundred individual welds and then carefully coated in black plastic to increase durability and hygiene. The visor is secured in place to the head guard with no less than seven adjustable anchor points. The visor is ergonomically designed for efficiency and comfort, along with safety to protect the wearer from accidental impact. The aperture of the visor has also been designed to prevent fingers or training weapons such as knives coming into close contact with the face.


  • Additional removable padding has been added to the forehead of the helmet. This padding also prevents fingers or weapons protruding down or over the top of the visor.
  • Careful attention has been made to the hearing vents on either side of the head guard improving communication. These vents are covered with a strong mesh to help prevent objects entering the ears.
  • Four adjustable fastenings to the rear of the helmet not only give a great deal of adjustment to the fitting of the helmet, but also prevent the head guard coming loose during training.
  • A further four adjustments are on the top of the helmet to provide a personal fitting to the helmet. 
  • Protection to the rear of the neck and top of the spine is also built in to the helmet. This helps reduce injuries from either strikes or accidental knocks to these areas. 
  • The G3 Pro Head Guard is supplied in a mesh ventilation carry bag with tie carry cords. The bag will allow the head guard to air when not in use and protect the outer cover of the head guard from scratches and scrapes.

The Personal Hygiene Liner (PHL) is made from a unique blend of anti-microbial fabrics and fabrics with adhesion and padding qualities; commissioned specifically for Ultimat Defence. The liner allows individuals to take control of the fabric coming in direct contact with their skin. It is simple to clean and dry. This one feature alone sets the G3 Pro Head Guard ahead of many others. A PHL is included with every head guard. Additional liners can be purchased separately meaning that the user can stay fresher with better hygiene for longer.


Available in sizes (Head Circumference): S/M (51cm-54cm), M/L (54cm-58cm), L/XL (58cm-62cm).




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G3 Pro Head Guard Instructions.

G3 Pro Head Guard

  • Risk assessments should be conducted by the trainer to identify the level of training/instruction conducted is appropriate, and that any piece of equipment that is used for that training is suitable and all safe guards are in place.

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