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The C.P.E. collarbone shoulder and upper arm guards offer a simple and very unique solution for officers who have little time and space in which to don their riot protection.
Both the collarbone shoulder protector and the upper arm protector can be mixed and matched for size.
They then come together as an integral part of a fast, simple and effective vest system that is intuitive to wear and fits well with today’s body armour. By simply closing two elasticated Velcro straps around the chest and fastening a strap around the biceps, the collarbone shoulder, and upper arm protectors are quickly in place.
The shoulder pads feature an adjustment system that once set will give the optimum amount of movement and comfort for any particular task regardless of body.



Upper Arm Guards (HOSDB)

  • These products fully comply with the H.O.S.D.B. Blunt Trauma
    Protector Standard for the UK. They have been tried and tested and conform to the exacting standards required by the Home Office and the Asscociation of Chief Police Officers.

  • If not in stock, this product manufacture lead time is approximately 5 to 6 weeks.

All prices are exclusive of VAT


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