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The riot shield pad allows officers to train with standard riot shields whilst offering protection to those that the shield is being used on. The pad allows students or officers to undertake multiple strikes during training exercises whilst reducing the risk of injury and protecting against bolts heads and washers on the shield face. Additional protective equipment may also be required depending on the level of training.

The riot shield pad is simple to put on, easily transferred to another shield or removed should the shield be required for normal use.

Pads can be manufactured to fit any length of Armadillo shield with any handle
configuration, from a commander shield to a 6’ shield.

The riot shield pad is available in three size brackets:       
RSP-A) 570 - 600mm Length x 350mm Width x 25mm Depth
RSP-B) 800 - 1200mm Length x 350mm Width x 25mm Depth
RSP-C) 1250 – 1800 Length x 350mm Width x 25mm Depth

Please state the exact length of shield you require the pad to fit when placing an order.

Riot Shield Pad

  • All our strike pads are made to exacting standards, however it is the responsibility of both the instructor and student to check the condition of the pad and its suitability of use.

    Ultimat strike pads are designed to be used for hand strikes, leg kicks and with training batons.If live batons are to be used, then pads with a sacrificial cover are always required.

    Use of live batons on any pad without a sacrificial cover is likely to cause permanent damage and will void any warranty.  

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