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The Ultimat Scenario Training Car has been designed to replicate a real car whilst still providing a safe training environment, providing realistic dimensions to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle is important for a student to understand the issues of dealing with individuals both in and around a car. The car can not only represent a car that has been stopped whilst on duty, but also a police car, using the Battenberg signage on either one or both sides of the vehicle.



The full range of Scenario Training Vehicles ® are cleverly constructed from layers of robust and hard wearing technical fabrics, strong dual layers of high density and comfortable layers of combustion modified foams giving the end user that confidence in training to train as hard or lightly as necessary. The Scenario Training Car is assembled from individual components via a high strength hook and loop fastening system that provides enough resistance for training manoeuvres such as forcibly subduing a perpetrator against the roofline or wheel arches of the car without the car collapsing or moving. The base of the vehicle is also   strategically weighted and features anti-slip properties.


The Ultimat Car comes with a number of hugely beneficial features that can be used within many training scenarios and agency departments.



Ultimat recommend that the “Build and User Training Course” is taken out when purchasing any of the Ultimat Scenario Training Vehicles ®.This would incorporate 2 hours of on-site training ensuring that the lead trainers would gain all the necessary knowledge to rapidly assemble, disassemble, and store the vehicle. There would be an in depth demonstration of all the main features and advice on how to incorporate this great piece of kit into your training facility.


All attendees will be issued with certification of attendance and training on the build and use of the Ultimat Car.


***This is an additional cost and not included in the cost of the vehicle.





Scenario Training Car

    • Realistic look and dimensions of a hatchback car.
    • Easily assembled for use and disassembled for storage by two people.
    • 4 opening side doors  (2 front and 2 rear)
    • The windows in each of the 4 doors can be torn off during training to simulate a window being broken to detain or rescue someone, and then re installed easily.
    • The car is able to seat up to 5 adults.
    • 4 fully functioning retractable 3 point seatbelts are installed, 2 in the front and 2 in the rear.
    • An opening bonnet to conceal contraband for searching etc.
    • An opening boot space and parcel shelf to conceal a small to medium size person/clandestine, weapons or contraband etc.
    • The front and rear window screens can be removed or partially removed for training purposes or to place a manikin or person through it replicating a possible RTC.
    • The steering wheel can be positioned on the left or right of the car to simulate a left or right hand drive vehicle, which is beneficial for boarder control training purposes.
    • Storage pockets situated in all doors, behind the front seats and where the glove box is, these can be used to conceal weapons or contraband.
    • Panels for the external sides of all doors, these can be plain, with Police Battenberg or a mixture to allow one side of the car to be a civilian car and the other side a police car. (Other graphics such as Taxi or delivery company logos can be purchased additionally)