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Black Wall System


Confined Space and Training Environment Solutions

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Ultimat Defence are the designers and manufacturers of the Black Wall System of modular components.

The Black Wall System gives you total control and allows you to build your very own safe, life-size rooms, corridors, cells, shower blocks, confined spaces, cellular vehicles and much more; bringing another dimension to your scenario and role play officer training. Rooms can be changed and adapted both quickly and easily over and over again, ensuring your training never becomes stale or predictable and all this can be achieved almost anywhere.

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The Historic Answer


The solution to providing this type of training environment was to build expensive wooden or steel structures that become a fixed feature within a training venue. One problem with this approach is, every type of scenario needs a bespoke room/area building and this is very expensive and space thirsty.

Once built, this type of area is fixed and not very adaptable, students soon become familiar with scenarios and room layouts. Even worse and unfortunately more common than not, is that only the most basic of training areas are provided, consisting of some gym mats and old worn out equipment. Because these systems limit the students ability to experience a wide variety of room types, ultimately the quality of the training they are receiving in preparing them for duty is often compromised.

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So How Does it Work?

The Black Wall System is simple and intuitive to use, it is made up of carefully designed modular shapes and features freestanding walls, half-height walls, doors, lintels, obstacle blocks and uneven flooring/safety mats.

The pieces are life-size, free-standing yet light enough to be carried by one or two people, they link together using a Velcro system that is both strong and robust once in situ, but allows for the pieces to be easily taken apart and reconfigured within minutes.

Hundreds of training spaces can be created to replicate something as simple as a row of shower blocks, a police/prison cell, or something more challenging for students to cope with; such as a full office or home layout involving rooms, corridors and obstacles to overcome.

The construction of each piece of the system is from the latest lightweight robust foams and heavy-duty custom covering, which is liquid resistant, hygienic and can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth and any anti-bacterial cleaner, helping to keep maintenance to a minimum.

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Black Wall System Develops Spacial Awareness

What is it Used For?


The Black Wall System is designed for multiple use scenario training. Often OST/C&R training is carried out in large open spaces or in areas marked out on the floor to represent rooms or confined spaces.

With the Black Wall System you are able to construct the room or space required with the knowledge that it is both robust and safe. Firearms units now have the capability of being able to build many training scenarios allowing training to remain fresh and interesting.

With the addition of non lethal weapon panels that slot easily into the Black Wall System or the use of the new slim line Target panel that can be hung anywhere within your layout, this now allows qualifying or scenario targets to be used in conjunction within the Black Wall System. Dynamic Intervention Training using paint rounds can also be carried out with the Black Wall System, the paint simply wipes off afterwards.

With the use of Barricade Lintels and Battle Blocks, obstacles can be constructed allowing students to train for situations that may occur once in the field. The 1m x 1m walls are also load bearing and can be used to create windows that can be climbed through, or simply used as an observation window allowing instructors to oversee training without causing any extra physical obstruction or interference during a student’s training.

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Ultimat’s scenario safe furniture is 100% compatible with the Black Wall System and rooms can be populated to create even more realism within the setup you have constructed.

Using the furniture alongside the Black Wall System provides a totally safe environment and at the same time allows the student to react and interact within their surroundings, such as offices, bedrooms, kitchens, cells, living rooms etc. The ease with which rooms and environments can be quickly changed or altered ensures that students don’t become complacent about predictable, unrealistic training.

Build Different Environments Over and Over Again

Cost Effective


Rising training costs are always an issue and getting the most out of your equipment or resources is paramount. Many forces are now having to deliver a number of different training skills, OST, Non Lethal, MOE, Specialist training etc. in their existing venues. This often proves difficult when one venue cannot offer everything for everyone, and forces find themselves hiring venues away from their natural home base where serious compromises on equipment’s suitability and availability have to be made.

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The Black Wall System is the perfect solution to unlock more options from your existing venues. Not only does the Black Wall System save money on the hiring of premises, it saves money involved with the travel costs and most of all, it saves valuable time by giving you the ability to adapt your existing training venue at a moments notice.

Now you’re no longer stuck with a particular room/building layout. You decide how you want it to look, what shape and how big the rooms are, where you want the doors, where you require windows. Do you want corridors? Do you require obstacles? You decide! The only limitation is your imagination.

A major benefit is that the Black Wall System is modular, and the entry level to the system is inexpensive. Expansion is simple, you can add to your system one piece or multiple pieces at a time with no minimum purchase, enabling simple, easy growth of your Black Wall System to be carried out at any time in the future, offering real value for money.

Another major benefit is that your department will have the ability to potentially generate income from other departments and authorities that will wish to share this fantastic, flexible, confined space training system.

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Black Wall System Components


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