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Scenario Furniture

Scenario Furniture


Set the Scene with our Safe Scenario Furniture

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Populating your Black Wall System with life-size, functioning, and robust furnishings really brings your scenario training into the 21st century.

‘Setting the scene’ enables you to deliver to your students the very best experience in dynamic hands-on reality training, whilst minimising risk by providing them the very safest of environments within which to learn and practise their skills.

What are the Options?


Create bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices, cells and much more.

Block Furniture


There are two designs of furniture, the first is a solid block of foam which is covered with a hygienic, strong and tear-resistant PVC cover. Graphics are applied to the exterior of block furniture to give a lifelike representation but they do not function, i.e doors, draws etc. do not open.
Each item is true to life for size and extremely safe. They can be knocked over or lay down and climbed upon repeatedly even in operational footwear.
All foams used in block furniture are British made and conform with current UK F/R regulations.

lounge furniture.jpg
bedroom furniture.jpg

Functional Furniture

The second type is ‘breakaway’ or ‘functional furniture’.

This unique design offers combinations or all of the following (dependent upon the particular item): the ability to open and remove doors, breakout shelves, completely breakdown and rebuild the item for  ‘angry man’  scenarios, hide items in the Velcro hide areas. Functional furniture offers the ability to dismantle and rebuild to another item, link two or more together to make bigger or new items of furniture.

As with the block furniture each item is true to life for size. Ultimat functional furniture is currently in use in many law enforcement establishments throughout  the UK and has been the scenario furniture of choice for M.O.D. and foreign law enforcement including US Homeland security and the Lebanese government.  

The furniture has been satisfactorily tested with live ammunition 9mm and 5.56mm NATO. The foams and covers react well and don’t leave large exit holes, thus extending the life of the furniture in these training situations. Furniture for ballistic training is supplied with smooth covers to reduce the amount of powder residue left behind after cleaning.

Scenario Furniture Components


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