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Bespoke Dojo Design, Manufacture and Installation

Bespoke Dojo Design, Manufacture and Installation supplied directly to many HMP, PSC, police, NHS, military and private sector establishments worldwide

Ultimat Defence Ltd are the market leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of Dojo training rooms supplied directly to many HMP, PSC, police, NHS, military and private sector establishments worldwide.

After much dialogue with various self-defence trainers, it was found that many training environments were fitted without any prior input or feedback from the end user. Many of these rooms were fitted by companies which may have had little or no experience on what was actually expected from a self-defence room.

Instead they fitted rooms based upon knowledge drawn from gymnastic or sport backgrounds. As a consequence, in many circumstances Ultimat found Dojos to be of inadequate specification and trainers having to adapt or amend their training practise.

Ultimat’s aim is to supply equipment that is specially designed for the job in hand. Previously most Dojos used gymnastic mats or judo mats. Ultimat have researched and developed specialist materials and carefully designed mats for law enforcement establishments, selecting and blending the best materials and manufacturing processes.

Ultimat’s floor mats, safety wall padding and other training products benefit from:

• Improved impact absorption - less stress to ankles, knees and impact incidents


• More life-like feel to floor areas - no more soft spongy floors


• Ability to use regular footwear - with only cosmetic damage


• Longer life expectancy - of the rooms both dojos and VP cells


• Capability to deal with live tools - such as riot shields and handcuffs with minimum impact on the Dojo

In addition to Ultimat’s unequalled quality and workmanship, you will have the opportunity of working with our team to design a custom facility that delivers exactly what you need. Ultimat Defence are unique in that we have extensive knowledge and experience of specialist mats and wall padding for Dojos and cell areas.  We also design and manufacter the very best officer safety equipment which is employed during the day to day use of these areas.
This includes the UK’s best range of training suits for both instructors and students, striking equipment such as punch pads, strike stations and baton shields, and not forgetting specialist items such as movable walls, Training lanes and approved non lethal qualification targets.

Non Leathal Target Lanes, Target Boards, and Senario Target Hangers for Qualification and Scenario Targets

Key Features and Bespoke Fitted Products

Ultimat’s staff pride themselves in delivering the highest quality equipment and providing an unrivalled customer service record. In order to achieve this, we tailor to our customer’s individual needs and produce all custom-sized and bespoke shaped panels on site, setting up our mobile production equipment.

Some of our key features and bespoke fitted products available on request include the following:


• Padded window frames


• Padded doors and handles


• Socket or utility access panels


• Padded whiteboards


• Window frosting


• Instructor warning signage


• Corner strike stations


• Removable wall panels for cleaning


• Rubber-coated anti-slip base on mats


• Polycarbonate cell window replacement


• Intricate shape cutting capability on floor mats


• Life-size scenario training targets


• Padded scenario training furniture


• Black Wall free-standing modular wall system

Police Training Equipment | Corner Strike Station for High Impact Officer Training
Confined space and training environment solutions with our Black Wall System. Build different environments which develop spacial awareness
Bespoke Training Room Dojo floor mats customised to your requirements

In order to get your new training room underway we offer a number of services, just choose how you want to proceed and leave the rest to us...


       Buy and Self Fit

Simply tell us the quantity of Ultimat Floor mats or Safety wall panels you require, we will manufacture them for you in the colour breakdown you require and deliver them direct to your facility.

Our standard size C&R floor mats are 2m x 1m x 40mm, 1m x 1m x 40mm. Safety wall padding is 2m x 1m x 50mm, other bespoke sizes are available. Just give us the quantities you require and the dimensions of any special sizes, and we will supply a competitive quote.

Police Training Equipment | Training Room and Dojo Floor Mats


      Assisted Self Design & Fit

Speak to our sales representative and brief him on your needs then send us a drawing of the room you want fitting out or refurbishing. You will need to supply a plan of the overall area along with measurements and photographs, including any details such as doors, windows and pipe work etc.

We can then supply an estimate based on your information. If you then wish to proceed to a full design and build service then that option is still open or we can carry on to completion based on your details and measurements supplied.


      Design & Bespoke Fitting

We can arrange for a site visit and consultation during which we will survey and take measurements of your venue and discuss the options available, including any building work that may need undertaking.

A plan of action will be drawn up and working drawings, plans and time scales developed, from which
a quotation will be supplied.

There is a charge for this service, if the project is successful and results in the order been placed with us, then the cost of the design service will be deducted from your final invoice.

Police Training Equipment | Design, manufacture and installation of Dojo Training Rooms supplied directly to many HMP, PSC, police, NHS, military and private sector establishments worldwide


      Large Projects & New Builds

If your Dojo is part of larger project then we can help. Ultimat have worked on Dojo projects with some of the biggest construction companies in the UK including Keir Construction PLC, Mansell’s Construction PLC, Wilmot Dixon PLC, Vinci Construction PLC and Wates Construction PLC.

Ask your contractor to contact us for more information about how we can help.

Police Training Equipment | Design, manufacture and installation of Dojo Training Rooms supplied directly to many HMP, PSC, police, NHS, military and private sector establishments worldwide


      Factory Visit

Why not visit our factory and see for yourself the options available in our very own Dojo showroom. We will provide everything you need to help design your own training facility including a cell area with our ‘try before you buy’ policy. This allows you access to all of our specialist items and the opportunity to see and feel for yourself what is available to enhance the delivery of your officer training. Half days, full days or even two day visits can be booked.

Visits are available, just ring to book this FREE opportunity to try everything from a rubber knife to a fully equipped Dojo. Following your factory visit you will be in a position to decide whether to opt for the self-fit, self-design or the design and build service.


      Mobile & Temporary Dojos

Ultimat have a range of mobile training solutions, if you require easy moving and setting up options then we have the answer whether you are moving from venue to venue or don’t have the luxury of a permanent training area, our mobile mats are the perfect answer.

We have several sizes of mat and we even have a ‘Dojo in a bag’ that can be transported by one person in an estate car or small van.
We also have a number of mats and wall padding that are available to hire.

Police Training Equipment | Mobile Training Solutions - Portable Training Room Dojo - Mats in a bag

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