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Arm Blockers are used by officers to practise blocking techniques from swinging arms and strikes. The wearer simply slides his arm down the centre of the arm blocker where a handle can be found to hold on to. The bottom of the blocker is also padded allowing the wearer to perform strikes with some protection. With three inches of padding 360 degrees around the arm and additional padding to cover the elbow, the arm blocker protects the arms of not only the person wearing it but also the person carrying out the blocking techniques. Made from single density open cell foam. The cover is made of a nylon fabric.

Dimensions: 53cm x 26cm. Weight approx.:  0.8kg.



Arm Blockers

  • All our strike pads are made to exacting standards, however it is the responsibility of both the instructor and student to check the condition of the pad and its suitability of use.

    Ultimat strike pads are designed to be used for hand strikes, leg kicks and with training batons.If live batons are to be used, then pads with a sacrificial cover are always required.

    Use of live batons on any pad without a sacrificial cover is likely to cause permanent damage and will void any warranty.  

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