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With training suits evolving, the new C.P.E. Blueman training suit has been launched. This new suit will offer the same amount of flexibility, yet greater protection than the Semi Contact Training Suit. However the new suit is even easier to put on and take off.

The pants have a removable groin protector to fit both male and female users, whilst the thigh guards are attached to a wide and strong belt that gives extra protection for the hips and lower stomach. The new helmet has a 2mm thick steel gauge guard with only 20mm spaces that makes it possible to train with training knives or similar replica weapons without the risk of injury to the face. The head guard also has additional protection to the neck, at both the sides and the rear, making this the ideal suit for hand to hand combat or use with training weapons and training batons.

Available in sizes: M/L, L/XL.



Blueman Training Suit