This Famas rubber rifle is moulded to the same dimensions as a real Famas allowing for realistic scenario training and ideal for conflict and weapon retention. Originally designed for the French military this rifle has been exported to many other countries in South America, Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia, making this rifle a potential treat worldwide.

Size approx.: 75cm x 28cm x 6cm. Weight approx.: 2.9kg. Colour: Dark blue.


Additional padding is also available for the end of the Famas Rifle in a durable PVC cover.



Famas Rubber Rifle and End Padding

  • Risk assessments should be conducted by the trainer to identify the level of training/instruction conducted is appropriate, and that any piece of equipment that is used for that training is suitable and all safe guards are in place.

  • If not in stock, this product manufacture lead time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

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