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A superior, comfortable glove made from top grade soft cow hide black leather with a suede finish to the inside palm and a man-made warm lining to the back of the hand. The finish is superb with neat stitching throughout. These gloves have a number of special features including, a knuckle protector for added protection when concealing yourself in tight places, index fingers and thumbs which can be peeled back and held out of the way by means of small Velcro tabs, ensuring that your fingers are warm until the moment you need to pull the trigger or reload.

Even texting on your phone is made simple without the need to remove your gloves. Additional shaped padding to the palm heals and tear drop padding to the last three fingers give added protection when needed. There are extra leather strips to the thumb and upper hand blade for added comfort.

Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL (pairs).



Sniper Gloves

  • Risk assessments should be conducted by the trainer to identify the level of training/instruction conducted is appropriate, and that any piece of equipment that is used for that training is suitable and all safe guards are in place.

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